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Mobile Dog Grooming

“According to research, 1 in 6 vets across the UK deal with 20 or more dogs a week suffering from dental problems.”

Why is Dental Care So Important for Dogs?

Dogs have an impressive set of teeth, which are equally suitable for grasping and holding, as well as for chewing and eating their food. That said, dogs cannot communicate when they are plagued by severe toothache – Therefor preventative care is a must!

Dental problems are very common to animals; with veterinarians pointing out that 80 percent of all dogs over the age of three require dental or gum treatment. The fact that so many dogs over the age of three suffer from periodontitis is alarming. Overtime, this inflammation of the gums can reduce the quality of a healthy life for your dog.

Caring for your dog’s teeth and gums is vital to preventing periodontitis (an inflammation of the gums due to tartar build-up). Scheduled dental care is the best way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy, starting preferable when they are a puppy. The dental care of your dog(s) should be as important to you as your own!

Tartar Control Using Ultrasound

Help protect your dog’s dental health and prevent large dental bills that coincide with poor oral hygiene, with a regularly scheduled teeth clean as part of your groom.

I use state-of-the-art ultrasonic oral hygiene technology, which looks like an electric toothbrush, but is completely silent, and without any mechanical brushing movements and is tolerated by even the most sensitive of dogs – offering a stress-free experience for your dog. Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

This treatment penetrates deep into gums and reaches where manual brushing cannot. It provides an antibacterial effect and prevents future gum inflammation and recurrence of plaque and tartar. It is also proven to improve blood circulation, which promotes healthier and cleaner teeth. Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Benefits of Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

  • No Anaesthesia Required
  • Vibration-Free, Fast, Gentle & Silent
  • Deep Cleaning & Tartar Removal
  • Prevention & Protection Against Tartar Build Up
  • Cleans Where Bristles Cannot Reach
  • Reduces Gum Inflammation
  • Destroys Bacteria
  • Removes Bad Breath
  • Cleanses Gum Pockets

The Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning treatment time varies from dog to dog, with an initial session likely to be around 20 minutes.

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning sessions start from £20.


  • First Session – £30 (includes toothbrush head for your dog)
  • Following Sessions – From £20