Do you charge cancellation fees?

Yes, we do charge a cancellation fee. For cancellations with less than 5 days’ notice, we charge a 100% cancellation fee. Time is reserved to groom your dog and therefore if you cancel last minute, we miss an appointment and we lose money. As a small business, we must...

Why can’t you give me a definite price?

Prices are set realistically depending on the breed and work to be carried out. We cannot give you a set price without seeing your dog and the work to be carried out. Please see the price list guide on our website. You may incur additional charges for removal of...

How much is dog grooming?

At Pawgeous, the cost of dog grooming is dependent on breed, size, and type of fur or hair. Upon meeting with your dog, we will recommend an appropriate grooming service and confirm all costs before the start of the appointment.

Do you discount multiple dogs groomed?

At Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming, we understand a lot of people choose to have more than one furry friend. My pricing is already competitive and so we do not give discounts for multiple dogs because we still have the same amount of work to do.

How much does a dog groom cost?

Pawgeous Mobile Grooming pricing is based on breed, hair length, the condition of your dog’s, skin, its temperament, age, and grooming history, however, please use the prices listed on our Services page as guide pricing. We will give an exact cost at your...