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“Ditch the dog junk foods and discover the benefits of natural healthy treats!”

Natural Dog Treats from Pawgeous

I started Pawgeous in 2019 as a Mobile Dog Grooming Spa. Little did I believe at the time, that turning my dog passion (in addition to our own family members) into my career, would lead to where I am today.

Back in 2017, our family dog “Tarn” had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer condition, but not willing to settle that was to be his end, myself and my daughter spent many hours researching to find possible cures and alternative foods for him.

Like a miracle – we managed to find that hope… We found a superb homeopathic vet who prescribed him various natural medicines, and I am so happy to say that Tarn is still with us, and healthy as ever at the ripe old age of 14+ (we know he is over 14, but being a rescue we are not 100% sure how much older than 14).

In addition to finding help for Tarn, we learnt a lot about how so many dog foods can contain high levels of additives that are just not healthy for our loved ones. From that point on, our own dogs were “raw fed”, and all their treats were of “natural” origins.

Frequently in conversation with my grooming customers I have been asked the foods that we feed our dogs and what treats we give them – and this was all the inspiration I needed to share our own dog’s healthy lifestyle.

Also, as dog owners ourselves, we know and appreciate the high street, online and pet superstore costs of all the treats we supply, and so we set up this natural dog treats business to make a small profit to run our business, but not at the expense of overcharging dog owners.

All our natural treat bags are loose packaged and plastic pouch free. We are trying to do our best to limit the amount of packaging, which has two positive effects:

  1. It’s better for the environment.
  2. It keeps our costs down and we pass those savings onto you.


100% Plastics-Free Business.

All of our products are delivered free of plastics, stored in recycled cardboard boxes, and packaged using recycled paper bags.

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