Dog Grooming De-Matting Policy

Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming De-Matting Policy

We appreciate it can be normal for even a well-cared coat to have a few small knots, but when we are presented with more substantial matting, there will be an extra charge.

At Pawgeous we will ATTEMPT to de-matt a coat, only where we feel the dog will not suffer any pain.

All of Pawgeous grooming services adhere to and go beyond The Animal Welfare Act 2006, which states that it is an offence to cause animals pain or discomfort and we reserve the right to refuse to do anything we think may be detrimental to your pet’s wellbeing – Be assured that at Pawgeous, we will always put your dog’s welfare first.

When a dog is presented to us in a severely matted condition – at front of mind will be the dog’s welfare. It is then our policy to shave the whole coat using electric clippers with a close blade. We consider shaving an act of kindness – this will be discussed during your consultation.

We will NEVER attempt to de-matt an elderly / infirm or aggressive dog – Thank-you for your understanding.

Matting leads to many skin conditions:

  • Eye and Ear Infections
  • Flea Infestation
  • Fungal & Bacterial Infections
  • Hot Spots & Sores
  • Maggot Infestation
  • Mites & Lice
  • Moist Eczema
  • Severe Itching
  • Skin Rash
  • Urine and Faeces Scalding
  • Yeast Infections

If you require help and advice on how to care for your dog between grooming sessions, please do ask. I will be more than happy to go through an individual schedule suited to your dog.

Prevention is better than the cure, so don’t wait until your dog is knotted and matted again; book regular appointments in advance with Pawgeous, to ensure your dog always feels good and is well cared for.

** Please Note: Our normal grooming charges at Pawgeous do not include de-matting and where we make an attempt, there is an additional charge of up to £10 for every 15-minutes additional grooming time that is required to de-matt your dog.

Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming prices vary depending upon the breed of dog, how large the dog is in size, the style of groom and the condition of their coat. In contrast to grooming salons, I come to you with my “mobile dog grooming spa”. No hassle and stress of dropping off and collecting your dog, I groom in the comfort of your home surrounds using the latest in Hydrobath washing and blaster drying – giving your dog the perfect groom.

There are so many advantages to having your dog(s) groomed by Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming. Most importantly, regardless of chosen groom, I always pay attention to the eyes, ears and face. Therefore, whether your dog needs a full groom, or just a fluff-dry and cologne, Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming have a groom for you. Website Summary Sitemap

In other words, Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming is generally your best grooming option without leaving home! Most importantly, I provide the one-to-one service that includes more attention for your dog(s), helping to keep them clean and smelling great.

Above all, you should not overlook using a dog groomer regularly! Grooming your dog should be regular appointment, to ensure that your dog is living its best life, as well as fostering good health and wellness. Website Summary Sitemap

Travelling to the dog groomers can take a lot of valuable time and produce unnecessary stress. So, why have the battle of getting your dog into the car and hoping there is parking in town, when I can come to you? My “mobile grooming dog spa” has the latest ‘Hydrobath’ washing and blaster drying, with a height adjustable grooming table, providing easy access for dogs of all sizes. Also, for all my dog grooming services, I use hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners and massage washing, ensuring a deeper clean. I hand towel and fluff dry all dogs, before a style groom.

At Pawgeous, it’s not just about the grooming services I offer – It is more than work for me, I love the interaction and cuddles with your dog. To formalise my love and passion, I have undertaken industry leading City & Guilds training and Canine First Aid courses.

As a dog mad family, our two German Shepherds and Border Collie are spoilt rotten, and that’s how we feel every dog should be – especially yours!