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Pawgeous Natural Dog Treats

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As a dog owner, it’s only natural to want to treat your fur babies occasionally, but it’s equally important to give them the very best treats that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and no less than 100% natural.

Pawgeous has teamed up directly with a UK producer to supply you with these super-tasty, 100% natural quality treats that we know our customers can believe in. Our producer also supplies many of the “Pet Superstores” across the UK, and so their quality is tried and tested. Homepage of Pawgeous

We also understand that for animal lovers, one of the considerations when choosing treats for your dogs (aside from the nutirtional value and quality) is price. Homepage of Pawgeous

What we do at Pawgeous

Natural Dog Treats

Our Natural Dog Treats are of the best quality and just so temptingly tasty. Great ingreadients speak for themselves and ours are definitately what your dogs will love.

We have made sure our treats are only natural and healthy, with a choice that is as simple as possible – why make it unnecessarily complicated?

Mobile Dog Grooming

My state-of-the-art mobile dog spa incorporates ‘hydro-bath’ washing and blaster drying, to ensure your dog looks and smells great after their groom.

With grooms ranging from a bath and brush to full groom styling, I also offer ‘Ultrasonic’ teeth cleaning, to keep your dogs teeth healthy and free from tartar buildup.

Dog Charity Support

At Pawgeous we support many dog charites here in the UK and abroad as best we can.

Whether that is free grooms, donated blankets, bowls and other items, OR as we have found to be a great help – providing our natural dog treats to charities and kennels, so that every dog can feel special.

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